Procrastination Is Not Your Friend

Procrastination is not your friend! Even the toughest obstacles can be overcome if you apply your focus and just do it. How many words can you write today? How many ideas can you turn into viable concepts?

If you have brainstorming or conceptualizing to do you may find that if you jump right on it that is half the battle. Creative energy often peaks in the early morning hours. So grab that cup of coffee and get to work.

Developing a more realistic understanding of time and what it can accomplish will get you started. To develop and fine tune your understanding of time start early. Be realistic of the time it takes to complete a project, expect interruptions and know when to stop. Yes I said it “Know when to stop.” To be fully in the moment, motivated and moving forward requires your mindfulness. When your mind is tired you are not at your best.

Allow yourself to recharge and tomorrow – start early when the morning brings more of that creative energy your way. Make a habit of using your time effectively when you are feeling refreshed and focused.

Make a decision to act in the now. You make decisions everyday. You decide to eat, to get dressed, to go to the market and go to bed. Make the decision to conceptualize and then go for it right now in the present. You can tweak it later, just do it now. Even a rough draft is a beginning. 

Again allow yourself to recharge and tomorrow make that decision to fine tune your project and complete what you have already begun. Everyday you choose to work be it writing or some other endevor means you are here in the present moment making progress toward your goals.

When time is money simplify your life. Make that cup of coffee count!

“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”
 Leonardo da Vinci

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