Legal 10 Top Tips for Dealing with Unexpected Issues

When legal issues arise will you be prepared? Life means lots of surprises and a lawsuit
should not be one of them.  Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. An unforeseen
incident could hit you at any time. Unexpected events can greatly disrupt our lives!

1.  Understanding basic legal concepts will go a long way to help you understand and cope
with any unforeseen legal issues that might arise in the future. A good course and resource
is “How to Win in Court”.

2.  Take a deep breath and look at the facts. Take a step back and review the situation or
incident. Do not be quick to anger. Also do not be quick to dismiss the situation at hand.

3.  Have a back up plan if your first course of action does not produce the anticipated result.

4.  Maintain a positive attitude even in the face of perhaps daunting events. Staying positive
will help you move forward to a successful conclusion.

5.  Visualize the best and the worst outcome to your legal issue. This will help you keep it in

6.  Focus on the best outcome and take steps to resolve any ongoing conflict. Remember the
old adage “Pick your battles” and “Bad things happen to good people”. This will help keep
the situation from overwhelming you and your emotions.

7.  Take stock of the facts at hand and decide if this is something you can handle or if you
will need professional help. Can you fix it, improve it or make the most of it?

8.  Accept that change is inevitable and make the most of it.

9.  Focus on the present and what you can actively do to move forward.

10.  Never hesitate to obtain a legal professional if the facts and situation warrant it.


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