Estate Planning Essential Steps

Estate planning is an essential step for anyone who owns property. Understanding what is involved in estate planning can be a daunting task.

The time to start estate planning is now.  Having an estate plan in place to provide and protect your loved ones is invaluable. There is no better time than today. Having estate planning in place will give you peace of mind that your medical and financial affairs are secure.

To understand the legal process of estate planning we recommend reading up on the process.  Reviewing up to date, comprehensive, usable information before meeting with an attorney will expand your understanding. Plan Your Estate” by Denis Clifford discusses in layman terms durable power of attorney, insurance, trusts and various forms of ownership. Stay informed so that you make better decisions with your assets for yourself and your beneficiaries.

Protecting your assets through other legal means can be beneficial. We live in a very litigious time. If you own stocks or are involved in trading you should consider a limited liability corporation. “Start Your Own Corporation” by Garrett Sutton is a good starting point and recommended before you make the decision to incorporate.

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